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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we get our water from?

We have 9 wells and one spring that provide water to East Hempfield Water Authority customers.

What kind of chemicals do we use to treat the water?

We only add Chlorine and Fluoride to our water.

Why are my bills higher than my neighbors?

Everyone uses water differently. Some people take longer showers, run their dishwashers daily or have leaky toilets or faucets and could have a problem with their water softener. Also, some people like to water flowers and lawns, wash cars, etc. All these contribute to higher use and higher bills.

What is an EDU?

"Equivalent Dwelling Unit" is used for the purpose of capacity planning. One EDU is equivalent to 170 gallons of water per day.

Can I pay by credit card or direct payment?

The Authority does have automatic withdraw that can be taken out of checking and savings accounts. Just call our office during normal business hours and we can get you set up.